The Rose and the Daisy

The Rose and the Daisy

Princess Samantha and Prince Joe are strangers, living in neighbouring kingdoms. They have each been sent by their fathers on separate missions to retrieve The Book of Secrets. The finder of The Book of Secrets will be able to reunite the two kingdoms into one. Join Princess Samantha and Prince Joe on their adventure and find out who gets there first. And is everything as straightforward as it seems? An original fairytale for children aged 6-11. The Rose and the Daisy is Book 1 in Witch Duff’s Book of Secrets and is available here.

The Rose and the Daisy (extract)

Princess Samantha peered through the trees lining the edge of the road. She’d been watching Prince Joe of Torca and the man she presumed to be his tutor for some time now. It appeared as if King Frederic was sending his son off to search for The Book of Secrets, the same mission her father, King Reuben, had sent her on.

Prince Joe and the tutor stopped a short distance from where she crouched, hidden behind a bush.

“This is where I leave you,” said the tutor.

Prince Joe sat up straighter on his prancing horse. “I am ready, Magnum.”

“Remember what I said. All will be revealed in time. For now all you need is this spear, this bowl and this rose.” One by one Magnum handed them over. “The spear will feed you, the bowl will guide you and the rose will bring you your heart’s desire.”

Prince Joe stowed the spear and bowl in his saddlebag then clasped the rose to his chest. “My own true love,” he sighed.

“Prince Joe, let me remind you this is not a quest for love but a quest to save the kingdom.”

“Yes, and what greater purpose is there for a prince than to go forth, battle a few adversaries and bring home a beautiful and worthy bride?”

“Quite a few, actually, and I hope you bring back a worthy prince before you bring back a worthy bride.”

Prince Joe laughed. “Magnum, you speak such riddles. Why on earth does this kingdom need another prince when they have me? Now, I must be off.”

Samantha doubled over, trying to stifle her giggles. Tears leaked from her eyes and she wiped them away with the back of her hand. This was going to be so easy.

If you liked this extract you can purchase The Rose and the Daisy here.

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