The Last of the Unicorns

the last of the unicorns


Prince Joe and Princess Samantha have been reading Witch Duff’s Book of Secrets and have discovered the whereabouts of the famed winged unicorns. They need rescuing but who will get there first? Who is Chris? And will Prince Joe’s sisters jeopardize the mission? Find out in this latest fairy tale for children aged 6-11 years available here.



The Last of the Unicorns (extract)

Prince Joe strode into the stables, whistling. Aunt Daisy had let him and Samantha take turns at reading The Book of Secrets and he’d just discovered a riddle that would help him release the famous winged unicorns. He stopped mid-refrain and his brow creased. Almost every stall was empty. Only the wild horse that had appeared a few days ago remained. It stared malevolently at Joe and snorted, stamping its feet.

“You’ve been busy this morning, Briggs,” Joe said to the stable master.

“Everyone’s out today, m’lord. Figured you’d be along soon. Chris is warmin’ up Tempest for you.”

“Chris?” Joe asked as they left the stables and headed for the training ring.

“King Theo’s boy. Came on ahead of them when their horse went missing – that wild thing. Hasn’t improved much but Chris has a way with him. Called Blaze, apparently.”

Joe stared over the arena fence at Tempest and his rider. Despite the short, ragged hair and ill-fitting clothes, that was no boy. And Tempest! He was behaving like a different horse – prancing about, almost preening under the girl’s command.

Briggs’ stable hand, Filip, jumped down from the fence and fell flat on the ground. He scrambled up, then bowed.

“Your Highness,” he said, straightening up, “can I come? My riding’s better. Briggs said I can walk Tempest soon.”

Joe looked at Briggs and raised an eyebrow.

Briggs laughed. “He means on a lead, sire.”

“Not today, Filip.” Joe clapped him on the shoulder and watched Chris warily as she approached with Tempest. “But perhaps King Theo’s boy might like to ride with me.”

Chris dismounted and gave him Tempest’s reins. “As you wish, sire.” Turning to Briggs, she asked, “Shall I take Blaze?”

“Yes, a run’ll do him good.”

Joe grinned. He didn’t know what the girl was playing at, but having seen Blaze in action he doubted she’d be able to keep her saddle. He vaulted onto Tempest and followed Briggs and the boy back to the stables.

If you liked this extract you can purchase The Last of the Unicorns here.

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