The Enchanted Forest

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Having been lost in the Enchanted Forest as a child, Princess Gina is deathly afraid to go back. But her dog, Pudding, is missing and her sister, Maisie, insists that Witch Duff has lead him there to test Gina’s courage. Can she summon the courage to face her fears or is Pudding lost forever? Find out in this latest fairy tale for children 6-11 years available here.



The Enchanted Forest (extract)

Gina crept out of her bedroom and down the hall. She tiptoed past Lucy’s room and hesitated for a second outside Maisie’s before pushing open the door. The hinges creaked and Maisie rolled over in bed.

“Go away, Lucy,” she groaned, “you’ve already tried on all my dresses.”

“It’s me – Gina – Pudding’s gone.”

“He’s probably in the stables.” Maisie yawned and shuffled over, patting the space beside her. “Princess Christina and Prince Olaf should be here tomorrow. What do you think they’ll be like?”

Gina ignored her. “I had a dream. An old woman was leading Pudding into the Enchanted Forest and now I can’t find him anywhere.”

Maisie sat up. Moonlight flooded in through the window, silhouetting her as she clambered off the bed. Her eyes sparkled in the soft light.

“Witch Duff?”

“She didn’t look like a witch.” Gina wandered over to the window and stared out. “You’re probably right. He’ll be in the stables. Will you check with me?”

Maisie stepped into the moonlight and thrust some clothes at her. “Put these on.”


“Because you can’t go into the Enchanted Forest in your nightgown.”

“But I’m not going into the forest.”

“Yes you are. You can’t ignore Witch Duff.”

“But I don’t think it was Witch Duff.”

“Of course it was. Remember when you were little and you said you got lost in a magical forest with horrific beasts, and no one believed you?”

Gina scowled at her. “You know I do!”

“Well, I’m thinking Witch Duff wants you to conquer your fear of the forest.”

“That’s ridiculous. You don’t know anything about Witch Duff? And why me, not Lucy? She wouldn’t go in either.”

Maisie shrugged. “I know more about Witch Duff than you think and she probably has other plans for Lucy.” She handed over the clothes again along with a pair of boots. “Put these on. They’re Samantha’s. She said if a princess was going to have adventures she needed to be dressed appropriately.”

“I don’t want to have adventures – I just want Pudding back.” But she took the breeches and shirt anyway and started to dress.

If you liked this extract you can purchase The Enchanted Forest here.

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