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Welcome to the official website of Katharine Derrick, New Zealand author of Witch Duff’s Book of Secrets series, a collection of original fairy tales for children aged 6-11. Princes and princesses, enchantments and magic, witches and unicorns and fantastic adventures – Witch Duff’s Book of Secrets has them all. Perfect to read aloud to younger children, and an introduction to chapter books for older children. Also an excellent option for parents struggling to find suitable reading material for young but advanced readers.

Witch Duff’s Book of Secrets:

The Rose and the Daisy  Journey to Torca  the last of the unicorns  ginasadventure copy  keeperoftheunicorns


The Rose and the Daisy

Journey to Torca

The Last of the Unicorns

The Enchanted Forest

Keeper of the Unicorns


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